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Since 2004, JITECH has been offering leading-edge solutions to a diversified clientele seeking innovative, concrete and pragmatic solutions.

Our mid-sized firm includes determined Steel Detailers and Engineers whose work revolves around five main fields: oil and gas, mining, material handling, metallurgy and bridges.

At JITECH, our goal is to find practical solutions for our clients, rather than simply giving shop drawings.

We have built our reputation on our ability to get right to the heart of the matter, and to find tailor-made solutions for our clients.

The Engineers and Steel detailers at JITECH always look further than the obvious. Inside the firm, we look for original ideas by uniting people of different origins, educations, and sometimes different opinions.

This combination of experiences gives rise to unconventional ideas that are often the basis of innovative solutions.

We do not hesitate to propose unanticipated steps when the circumstances call for it, and the client accepts taking the risk associated with innovation.

JITECH encourages its employees to maintain a balanced life that leaves time for activities outside the office.

This allows our clients to count on Engineers and Steel detailers who are energetic and enthusiastic and ready to face our clients’ challenges. We firmly believe that Engineers and Steel detailers, who work 18 hours a day, seven days a week, are not capable of creative thought.

At JITECH, a balanced life makes good business sense.

who we are

JITECH has a vision to revolutionize the structural steel industry through automation.

Our Mission

We are committed to contribute to the success of our customers by providing innovative and automated solutions to the structural steel fabrication industry, from the manufacturing model to completion of the final product.

Our Vision

JITECH has a vision to revolutionize the structural steel industry through automation.

who we are

Our Values


We are committed to our customers by developing and maintaining solid relationships. We do everything in our power to be relied upon by our customers.


Our people are our greatest asset!


Through our good quality product and punctuality we provide the client with an excellent service, which improves our image and maintains our reputation of excellence.


With the latest technologies, ongoing training and knowledgeable employees, JITECH is always innovating in its domain, developing new techniques and achieving continual improvements.


Exploiting new technologies allows us to break new ground and gives us a competitive edge.


Acting with honesty and integrity means that team members and customers can rely on us to deliver what we promise.

who we are